10 Tips for Selecting an Architect for Your Next Project

10 Tips for Selecting an Architect for Your Next Project

The right architect can radically transform the design potential of projects, giving them greater structure, innovation, and geometric complexity. The best architecture firms can also embed the right strategies to make buildings self-sustaining, using modern materials, sustainability initiatives, and eco-friendly practices. 

Developers should also review the portfolio of these architects and understand their strengths in key areas within planning. By reviewing architects against the following parameters, developers can create more scalable projects that are cost-effective, design-focused, and aesthetically superior within the industry. Let us explore the top 10 tips for selecting an architect for your next project. 


  1. Relevancy of portfolio/projects – Developers can start by analysing the portfolio of the architects reviewed, specifically against the unique requirements of their projects. They can understand the thought process behind key projects designed by the architectural design services firm. They can also query architects about why they chose specific layouts, orientations, designs, and strategies when actualising their vision.  


  1. Scope alignment with the project – Another critical aspect to focus on for developers is the scope alignment with the project. For complex and long-term projects, such as skyscrapers, commercial plazas, industrial sites, etc., architects and developers should be aligned with the scope perfectly. The initial discussions with the architects should help developers gauge their alignment with overall requirements. 


  1. Experience in key domains – Prior experience is key, as it helps mitigate execution risks significantly. Architects that are highly familiarised with regional challenges are better suited to execute projects for developers. Additionally, architectural firms that understand the role of strategic planning are also highly preferred in the market as well. 


  1. Creativity in design strategies – Creativity is one of the most important aspects of a building project, which is why developers need to analyse the design approach of architectural design services firms. Companies that focus on contemporary, modern, hybrid, or traditional designs, need to engage with architectural firms that also excel with the right storytelling, geometric patterns, liquidity inflow, etc. 


  1. Strength of sustainability focus – Sustainability is a rising area of focus for many upcoming cities, with the top architecture firms, such as Prasoon Design, instilling sustainable design methodologies in all their projects. Both passive and active sustainability initiatives should be analysed, along with design-level strategies to ensure effective insulation and protection against external conditions. 


  1. Use of innovative strategies – Innovation is a critical aspect to review, whether it is the use of innovative materials or innovative design methodologies. The adoption of innovative technologies, such as drones, 3D printing, nanomaterials, robotics, etc., is also a positive sign that the architectural firm is right for adding value to your projects. 


  1. Utilisation of eco-friendly materials – Indigenous and sustainably sourced materials are critical in the construction landscape, with many architects designing projects keeping this criterion in mind. Additionally, the implementation of a wider variety of materials, such as stone, sand, bamboo, straw, recycled materials, etc., is a positive sign as well. 


  1. Vision and storytelling for projects – An architect’s vision truly translates into magical designs that attract the visitor’s eye. Architects can also transform the interior experiences of occupants through the interplay of flow, symmetry, and shapes. The overall vision of the projects designed should be reviewed, which can help developers understand the maturity of the enterprise as well as the strength of their execution. 


  1. Use of the right technology tools – 5D-BIM and design software solutions should be integrated into any project design, which is why it is important for developers to understand the extent to which technology is adopted. Architects that are technologically advanced develop more creative designs that are structurally sound and can be executed within budget. The right technology tools can also help integrate the design process and introduce greater speed and efficiency. 

10. Ease of communication and workability – Several architects focus deeply on optimising developer relationships through transparency in communication and visibility into design work. They provide timely iterations on designs and can develop more novel solutions to construction challenges. These architectural firms are ideal for working with for your next project, as they have a professional work approach and ethic and are easier to engage with long-term.

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