10 ways to maximize the limited space in your condo unit

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One of the most important features our house should have is adequate space. Adequate space is significant to allow proper traffic flow and to make your house look organized. This is true not only to houses but also for those who are living in apartments and condo units. However, this is an everyday struggle for many. Because we want to avail many things for our house such as furniture, upholstery and home decors like cushions and curtains; we tend to place them in areas where they occupy the entire space. We don’t want this to happen. That is why, today, we are going to look at to some possible solutions on how to maximize our limited space without worrying about where to put all our items. 

Furthermore, this article is dedicated to people who are living in their condo units. We know your struggle of living in a limited space and we’re here to help you figure things out. 

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First thing to do is to declutter. Decluttering is to keep away the unnecessary things you are still storing. If you think you do not need these things anymore, you can throw them or recycle them if you want to create artistic things out of it. 

  • Consider storage containers

After decluttering, arrange your things by organizing them in a storage box. Group them according to use. By doing so, it will come in handy for you. You can put together all your office materials in one storage, your hygiene essentials on one storage also, your clothes in one space; Create a separate storage for this where you can hang and put your clothes on. 

Storage containers will surely maximize your space and will prohibit messy area in your condo unit. 

  • Paint your walls with light colors

Interior designers suggest that painting your walls with light colors can create a spacious atmosphere. If you want to create a unique ambiance, you can mix pastel colors together or neutral colors all at once. Additionally, your home decors such as your curtains should complement also your wall color. Avoid choosing dark colors as it will not create a spacious look. 

  • Go for large furniture

Another way to maximize your space is to choose large furniture instead of purchasing many furniture. For instance, instead of getting many armchairs for your entire place, why not purchase a one big sofa and put 1-2 armchairs only. If your condo unit is smaller than usual, you can have loveseat lounge or a regular-sized couch then an ottoman or an armchair if you wish to. Large furniture can save more space and can occupy more seating capacity. 

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  • Install additional shelves

Make advantage of the walls. Install built-in shelves for your book, favorite figurines, and personal collections. Doing so can not only save space but also create a decorative look to your place. 

  • Choose multi-functional furniture

Multi-functional furniture is a must if you are saving space in your room. One famous piece of multi-functional piece of furniture is an ottoman. Ottoman can be used as a chair and a storage container at the same time. Another multi-functional piece of furniture is the foldable bed. After using it as a bed, you can use it as an additional couch during the daytime. Multi-functional furniture is very beneficial especially for people that think space is a big deal.

  • Avoid too much decors

We understand that you want to make a decorative look for your condo unit. But you must also take in mind that putting on too much home decors can be very suffocating. Instead, stick to the rule of the thumb; place cushions on your sofa, a carpet on the living area, an additional lighting such as table lamp and a beautiful curtain. Moreover, do not forget about your curtains as it is the only thing in your house that can add drama and spice to your space. Choose durable and elegantly looking curtains. By this way, it can make your place simple, sophisticated and spacious. 

  • Vertical Storage

Do not use smaller cabinets to store your items. Hence, think vertically. Your cabinets should be from the floor upwards and not measured in terms of width. 

  • Create your own personal space

We should not forget about a personal space on our room. Create a personal sanctuary where you can place your collections. You can decorate it by adding a gallery wall, then placing your precious and personal items in it. Instead of putting it in the entire place, have it in one area only and call it your personal space. If you wish to have a mini-library, then complete it by adding one armchair, a table and design in with a decorative curtain. 

  • Multi-functional room divider

To differentiate and recognize which part of your room you are in, install a multi-functional room divider. For instance, a cabinet can be used as a divider between your living area and your dining space. A curtain can also be a divider between your shower area and your toilet. 

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