3 Must-Read Books on Psychology

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Have you ever thought about how your life would be if you could find peace in the hustle? Have you ever thought about training your mind? Do you think that happiness can be measured? Do you want to become a spiritual being without embracing any religion?

If such questions intrigue you, then you must surely invest your time in reading this article and if you want to know further, then you can read the free book summary and free audiobook summary of Aware, The Happiness Industry, and Waking Up on the RollingSlate website.


As the title of the book suggests, it is all about being aware and mindful about each and every second of your life. Daniel J. Siegel, the author of this book guides on how everyone must train their minds in order to achieve the ultimate happiness.

According to him, meditation has an infinite number of benefits. But to make it easy for the readers, he has jotted down some of them. He mentions, meditation is all about training the mind to become self-aware, to control a whirlwind of emotions and focusing on one thing only. 

It’s all about becoming fully self-aware about your thoughts and actions. The author also explains the three types of meditation (Mindful Breathing, Open Awareness, Compassion Meditation) and their benefits in this life altering book. These three forms of meditation will help you navigate our emotions, guide us through the path of self-awareness and form meaningful connections with society.

When we meditate, our body releases an enzyme called ‘Telomerase’ that repairs chromosomes and slows the aging process. This ensures that meditation not only provides cognitive benefits but also physical benefits. Meditation helps you restore peace on days that are full of hustle.

Self- Awareness is about asking yourself all the whys, being compassionate and asking for feedback. And guided meditation is the one stop solution to all these questions. 

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The Happiness Industry

Can you do a quick guesswork on what is the most researched question in today’s day and age? It’s not about how to become wealthy or how to be successful. It is about how to become happy and attain satisfaction.

In the book, ‘The Happiness Industry’ the author William Daves’ talks about how we have been molded by society to think that money is the key to happiness. But the reality is totally opposite. Making us believe that being rich is the ultimate goal is a part of a capitalistic approach.

But this approach is changing for good and people are realizing that peace and happiness are the new currency these days. A person is considered wealthy by how happy he is and not by how rich he is.

This happiness approach is adopted by many businesses too. In order to boost the productivity of their workforce, many businesses hire “happiness consultants” who advise on how to make their employees happy. Google has an in-house “jolly nice-fellow” who spreads mindfulness and empathy among staff in order to make them healthier and happier.

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Waking Up

Sam Harris’ book ‘Waking Up: A Spirituality Without Religion’ is for all those people who want to be spiritually guided but don’t want to embrace any religion.

In this book, the author preaches that Self is an Illusion and Consciousness is irreducibly subjective. In simpler terms, it is what it likes to be you. According to him, there is no world without consciousness or Waking Up. He explains- when we suffer, we suffer consciously. Whether one is going through a mental illness/pain or joy/ happiness. It is the reality of the universe.

The author also states that in order to wake up and be conscious, it is imperative to find the right guru. Most people follow Buddhist teachings in order to awaken their spiritual being. According to the Buddhist Teachings, humans have a disorganized view of reality because of which they tend to suffer more. These teachings will help you rise from disorganized reality to actual reality.

The author Sam Harris also mentions the two approaches of Spirituality. The Gradual approach, Sudden realization technique which is put forward by the Dzogchen school of Buddhism.

If this caught your attention and made you a little bit keen on knowing more about consciousness, then you can read a free book summary and free audio book summary on the RollingSlate website.

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