5 Best online Languages Free Courses

5 Best online Languages Free Courses


Learning multiple languages can help you in better communication. When you travel to different parts of the world or country you need to know about their native and regional language. It promotes friendly relationships and represents a positive image of the region and people. Many online language learning platforms offer free courses to students who are eager to learn multiple languages.

Business people travel to different parts of the countries and it is difficult for them to communicate effectively if they did not know their native language. You should for the best possible language which could help you communicate better and you don’t feel left out in respective part of the region. Some of the online languages free courses one should do is in

  • English
  • Arabic
  • Urdu
  • Pashto
  • Afghani Pashto


English is the most common language around the globe. Every state in the world has a large population that speaks and understands English. It has become a source of the medium all over the world. Whether you’re looking for a new job or planning a trip around the world, learning English can help you make personal and professional growth.

Many online languages learning platforms offer free courses. One should enroll its self in these programs to have a better understanding and gain knowledge. It will also improve your communication skills and offer better opportunities in professional life. Learning English online is comparatively easy and you could learn at your own convenience.


Most of the Middle Eastern countries speak Arabic languages. People of these states are very much attached to this language. It is also preferable because it is one of the sacred languages for Muslims. Many Muslim countries speak Arabic languages. It will difficult to communicate with them if someone does not know the Arabic language.

Muslim’s holy book Quran is also written in the same languages. Many Muslims learn this language to have a better understanding of the Quran. A lot of online tutors are giving free courses in Arabic languages. Many Muslims avail these opportunities to understand divine knowledge and spread it across the world. Different platforms are offering the best Arabic language courses. Learn from top Arabic Tutor


It is mostly spoken in Pakistan and India but most people understand it all over the world. Many Urdu-speaking personals living abroad can understand it well.  It is the very common language in Asia and related to Farsi which is spoken in many parts of the Asian region. Urdu is one of the versatile languages which one should also learn.

Many people learn Urdu to have a better understanding. Foreign people when they travel to India and Pakistan learn Urdu to have better communication. Many online languages platforms are giving free Urdu learning opportunities One must avail them to get more knowledge about this language and Asian culture as well.


Pashto is widely spoken and understood in different parts of Asian countries. The majority of Pashto-speaking people don’t know another language. It will be difficult to communicate with local residents of Afghanistan people and Pakistan’s northern regions. Due to many business opportunities, people are tending towards learning Pashto for better understanding.

Learning Pashto is not an easy task but if you have any native language speaker you can surely learn and become good at it. This language has many dialects any native speaker can teach you well. Free courses are being offered online to remove the communication barrier between native and non-native people. Find here the best Pashto teacher.

Afghan Pashto:

Pashto is a very diverse language and has many related dialects. Every region speaks different kinds of Pashto. Afghan Pashto as the name stated commonly speaks in Afghanistan. Multiple platforms offer free online languages programs in Afghan Pashto. 

Many business and economic opportunities are available in Afghanistan due to CPEC and people are not well educated. It will be difficult to understand them without knowing their language. One should learn these regional languages if they travel to these areas for their on convenience. 

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