Valentine’s day is around the corner and I am wondering if you are here then you must be looking for gift ideas. I am here with some great valentine’s day gift ideas that you will find very budget-friendly. I can understand expensive gifts don’t fit under everyone’s budget but that doesn’t mean that you cannot give gifts to your beloved. Valentine’s day is the perfect occasion to give gifts to your loved ones and express your feelings.

Life is too short to hold back feelings. So it’s better to express your feelings to your loved ones. Gifting is one way of doing so. Everyone is not that expressive through words and for such people gifts are the ultimate rescue. Every time one cannot spend a large amount on gifts so budget-friendly gifts are needed. So we are at your rescue with amazing budget-friendly gift ideas on valentine’s day. Let’s explore this together. 


I cannot emphasize enough how important flowers are and what effect they have on people’s minds. Flowers are the best thing that you can choose as a gift if you are looking for budget-friendly options. The best part is that no one can judge you for making a bouquet as a choice of gift on valentine’s day. There are a variety of flowers available these days in different varieties and price ranges. You can choose according to your budget. If your feelings are true then even a single strand of a flower is also enough to let your loved ones know that you love them. You can even order flowers online these days from online florists. Midnight flowers delivery on valentine’s day is available so you can leverage this. You can accompany your flowers with a card for your beloved.


The cake is another most common yet one of the best under budget options as a gift on valentine’s day. The cake is the most delicious gift option you can go for. Cake has its significance on Valentine’s day. These days you can get a variety of options in cakes. You can customize your cake according to your choice. Photo cake, red velvet cake and chocolate brownies are some of the common cakes that are most likely to be picked on valentine’s day. You can customize your flavour, icing and even the decoration part of the cake. If you want to surprise your beloved on valentine’s day then I would recommend you to get a personalized cake. You can order cake and get online cake delivery at your doorsteps. 

Handmade gifts-

Handmade gifts were very popular in the ’90s but soon got out of trend. Since the corona pandemic struck handmade gifts again came back in trend and people are preferring it over readymade gifts. Handmade gifts require effort and thus it symbolizes the emotion of the person giving them. There are a plethora of videos available on the internet on handmade gifts which you can check out if you want to make one for your beloved. They are under budget yet the most romantic way to express your feelings. 

Love letter-

Let’s go down memory lane and cherish those 90’s things. A love letter is one such most popular 90’s thing that lovers used to send each other. It might sound cliche in this era of instant messaging but it was the classic thing. The excitement of receiving letters from your loved ones can never be replaced by these instant messages. You can try writing a letter to your beloved in which you can pen down your feelings and let them know that you love them wholeheartedly. I am sure your partner will appreciate your gesture of doing so. 

Spend time together-

Every time a gift doesn’t have to be materialistic. Instead of sending gifts you can spend time and talk to each other. You can play board games, cook, take a walk, watch movies or just gaze at stars holding each other’s hand. These are the priceless things that you can do with your partner. Even the most expensive gifts can’t replace the time you spent with each other and the memories you have created. 

I hope you liked and found the article interesting and helpful. We tried picking some classic options that can never go out of trend.

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