5 Platforms for Easy File Sharing Over the Internet

file sharing on internet

The internet is not a secure place anymore. On an annual basis, millions of cyberattacks, phishing attempts, and scamming efforts affect the lives of many users worldwide. The threats are many today, but you can still take certain steps to ensure that your online data sharing is safe and secure online. If you want to share files over the internet with a friend, an employer, or a colleague, then make sure to use reliable internet and platforms to do so!

By subscribing to a good internet deal such as Spectrum deals you can get access to a reliable network. A good network will ensure that your entire communication on the web is not easily intercepted or hacked. Furthermore, by using a good file sharing platform you can send much more than your documents, videos, images, and files over the web.

These filesharing platforms come with key offerings to protect your security online. You can password-protect your files. Additionally, you can also set expiry dates on download links. And lastly, these platforms, encrypt all online communication! Thus, online file sharing becomes secure. Read on below to find out more!

Firefox Send

The popular browser also provides a great service in the form of Firefox Send that you can use whether or not you have the Firefox browser. You can use the reliable service to share files of up to 2.5 terabytes without paying a single penny.

The service comes with lots of admirable features. You can set an expiry time for the links you share. You can also password-protect shareable documents or files for added security. Firefox Send also provides you with the ability to check the status of your files. You can remove the link at any moment.


With 2 GB of free cloud storage, Dropbox allows its users to share files across the web. You can also sync your local storage with its application. The service is available on both web and mobile platforms. You can keep a log of shared files as well. With Dropbox, sharing becomes very easy as you can even share entire folders using this service. To ensure safe transfer you can protect files with passwords. You can also add expiry dates to disable downloading of the file after a particular date.


WeTransfer is a great option that you can use without even signing up. However, if you want to, you can create an account but it’s not mandatory. Share files with the help of a custom link that stays active for the default duration of one week. A pro account of the service can allow you to set expiry times, protect files with passwords, and transfer files of up to 20 GB of data!

Google Drive

Google Drive is another great service that comes with a lot of free storage and sharing options. You can store up to 15 GB of data online and share it across a vast range of platforms. The service is also integrated with other Google offerings such as Gmail and Google Photos. You can also go for a paid plan to get cloud storage of up to 100 GB! Generate links and share them over mail to the intended recipients for easy file sharing. You get to decide if the receiver can only view the file or make changes to it or not. You can also use the service to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and much more!


OneDrive is an excellent service from Microsoft that gives users 5 GB of cloud storage for free. This can, however, be upgraded to 100 GB of storage for a small fee! You can also get Office 365 for paid services. OneDrive can operate across a wide range of platforms such as the web, Android, MAC, and Windows, etc.  You can set passwords as well as expiry dates on your files.

Since most filesharing software comes with a presence on mobile and web, it is wise to subscribe to a good ISP and get good wi-fi services as well. For me, Spectrum WiFi plans come in quite handy. I can safely share a file from the comfort of my bedroom with the help of my connected phone. Try it yourself to make your life easier! Happy sharing!

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