Benefits Of Two-Wheeler Loans That Make Your Life Easy

Two-Wheeler Loans

In the present time, if you have a bike and you want to do something with it but you don’t have enough money or money isn’t your problem but you want to make this trip affordable then a two-wheeler loan is the best choice for you. The check is very simple and stress-free from NBFC and you can apply in very easy steps and get it on the same day. The loan approval process takes 3 hours only. All your documents should be original for applying for this loan. 

A reputed two-wheeler vehicle loan provider such as Muthoot Capital offers you a wide array of loans for a variety of 2 wheelers. Whether you are looking forward to buying an Indian bike or planning to get a new scooter along with finance support from the provider, it has the right loan scheme for you.

  • Offers financial cushion

Contemporary two-wheeler financing is now open to more people than ever before. There are no restrictions on age or credit score, and your choice of tenure—from EMI-friendly nine-month loans to 60-month term loans—makes it easier to finance a bike that suits your needs. Enjoy the freedom of two wheels without the worry of cash crunches.

  • Faster approvals

Getting the best bike loan approved is fairly fast and easy. You need minimal documentation and can have a loan sanctioned in the least possible time. All you need are the following documents Credit Score- A score of 700 or above is necessary to get you approved. Proof of Income- Show an income of at least 5000 per month. Collateral- If you do not have any credit history attach collateral like property to your loan application.

  • Helps improve credit score

With a two-wheeler loan, you can make timely repayments without the need for collateral. This reduces the transaction cost involved in credit evaluation and risk assessment. The repayment of a two-wheeler loan positively impacts your credit score, giving you access to bigger loans at attractive interest rates.

  • Offers additional discounts

The cashback and discounts are not only limited to the purchase of bikes. You can also buy apparel or accessories such as helmets with these extra benefits. Also, if you have an old motorcycle, there is a scheme that will excuse you from the registration fee when you trade it in for a new one. You should read the details of your loan agreement carefully before signing, and ensure signing up for any bike scheme is suitable for your financial situation and credit profile.

  • Brings more affordability and choice

Without a doubt, a two-wheeler loan brings more affordability and choice compared to paying in cash. Compare several finance companies to find the right two-wheeler loan offer for you. There are more brands, models, and types of two-wheelers to choose from when financing with a loan.


So if you are a two-wheeler enthusiast and want to buy a good motorcycle or scooter, then you can take an instant loan from Muthoot Capital to finance your dream ride. You can choose between loan tenures of 6 to 60 months and easy monthly EMIs. Plus, there are flexible repayment options for you to choose the option that suits your lifestyle the best! Also, check the muthoot capital share price to make your decision strong towards a two-wheeler vehicle loan.

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