Cakes That You Must Try To satiate Your Taste Buds

Cakes That You Must Try To satiate Your Taste Buds

Be it any occasion, birthday, anniversary, or just a regular Sunday morning, cakes are special! Indian festivals abound with tasty foods, especially cakes that stimulate the festive spirit and vibrancy. Think of any occasion or event day, and presence of a cake makes it extra special. Here we have found the top 9 favourite varieties of cakes that will blow your senses with their tasteful flavours!

Chocolate Praline Cake

The aura of the chocolate cake is truly unmatched. Our list would have been incomplete if we had not included the sinfully rich chocolate praline cake in it. Chocolate Nut Pralines are chocolatey dishes that originated in France and are now used to make various desserts and dishes worldwide. The chocolate praline cake is filled with handcrafted pralines paired with incredibly moist chocolate and vanilla sponges. The rich texture, along with the crunchy and nutty taste, makes this cake irresistible.

Order this delicious chocolate praline cake for you and your loved ones.

Red velvet cake

Red Velvet Cake is a fancy and delicious delight to make every occasion extra special and worth some time. There are online bakeries that bake the most delicious layered red velvet cake that is soft, moist and spongy. It is an ideal showstopper to dazzle your dessert plate. Make any occasion extra special with a delicious red velvet cake.


Rainbow cake

The sinful rainbow cake looks like a million bucks, with its delicious decorations of delicious chocolate fans and layers of creamy goodness! Wrapped with multicoloured layers of buttercream, this perfectly moist and puffy cake can be cherished with your favourite cup of brew. It is very attractive to the eyes and pleasant to the tongue.


Jar Cake

Whether it is an evening hunger or just a sweet treat for your loved ones, jar cake will be the best way to satisfy your taste buds completely. Rich in various flavours, the jar cake will surely delight everyone on any occasion. You can order it from Bakingo and taste your favourite dessert with your loved ones.

Coconut Cake

The moist and puffed coconut cake sets the bar for every cake in the world. Its intense coconut flavour and crunchy texture always exceed expectations and satisfy hunger. A coconut cake is mixture of taste and deliciousness packed together. It is a perfect cake with coconut freshness and adorable taste.


Cheesecake is the most delicious, creamy and soft cake. It will not take much time to be baked, and after the result, it will be sure to cherish your hard work. Cheesecake is a cake that you can try at your home. It is a baked custard, but when you bake it correctly, it can baffle your lips. It can be very easy to cook cheesecakes at home. It is mildly sweet and completely refreshing, which will shake your taste buds. If you have no previous experience, then get some ideas for making cakes. Take a slice of the butteriest and creamiest cake and enjoy it with your family and friends.


One of the trendy and in-demand cakes are cupcakes that people like to order no matter what’s the occasion. If you don’t like to eat large amounts or just need a quick sugar increase, then a cupcake will be perfect for your sugar craving. 

Mango Cake

One of the most important factors to know when learning about mango cake is that there are hundreds of different types of this dessert. A traditional, heavily spiced mango cake is sweet, rich, and a favourite of youth and old. This is the best traditional dessert you will find in almost every restaurant. Although the exact origin of this popular fruit-filled cake is not known, it is most likely that it evolved from the Tagaytay people of Mindanao. 

Fruit Cake

The fresh taste of the fruit and the sweetness of the moist, spongy base is a delectable treat for your taste buds. Also, available in different flavours like strawberry, mango or blueberry, you can choose your favourite flavour and enjoy it with your beloved ones.

So, these were some cakes that you must try to satiate your taste buds. Order online cake delivery in Patna or wherever you reside and make your loved ones feel special on their special occasion. Happy eating! Happy celebrations!

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