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Fabric printing is one of the most important processes when it comes to designing and printing products. In order to obtain high quality products, businesses must rely on reliable and economical printing services. A fabric printer, therefore, plays an important role in a business’s marketing strategy. But what kind of fabric printer should you get for your business? Here are some tips that can help you determine what kind of a fabric printer you really need for your company.

What kind of Fabric Printing Machine Should You Get? Most businesses that need a fabric printer will be focusing on the automatic grade automatic printer that can handle a wide range of fabrics. The automatic grade automatic fabric printing machine to be focused on are dye sublimation, heat transfer and hybrid printers. Ultimately, the type of fabric printing machine that you require will largely depend on your intended use.

Which Ink Chemistry Will You Be Printing With? Every fabric printing machine has its own ink composition. Some ink compositions work well with certain materials, but not with others. For instance, polyester will work well with any kind of color in general; however it works best with white because it allows the ink to dry more quickly and easily with the process. If you’re printing a high volume label, however, you’ll likely need to invest in a printer that prints with a higher ink density, such as the DPI model from HP.

Which Fabric Type Will You Be Printing? There are three basic fabric types: cotton, polyester, and silk. Each of these fabrics requires a different type of ink. Cotton and polyester both work well with dye sublimation printers, but silk is a better choice for printers that need to print with an oil-based dye. Dye sublimation printers require an extreme amount of heat in order to work properly. Silk, on the other hand, works well with heat printing.

Which Ink Chemistries Will You Use? It is crucial that you select the ink chemistry that best works for your application. Some of the most popular inks for fabric printing are acetate, gel, metallic, moisture and pH neutral. Acetate ink chemistries are used in everything from T-Shirts to sports apparel. Gel ink chemistries are great for printing everything from simple logos to complex designs.

I’m sure you’ll agree that shopping for a fabric printing machine takes some time and effort. Hopefully this article has given you some helpful insights into the process. The final product price will depend heavily on your ability to shop around for the best price. Follow these tips to get the latest price quotes and find the best quality product.

A fabric printing machine can be used for printing applications like suits, sarees, shirts, bed sheets, curtains, scarfs, pillow covers, designer lehenga, sports apparels, sports gear, etc.

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