Drinking Water can Help You Lose Weight

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For quite a while, scientist have thought water is essential in helping people lose weight. Actually, about 59 percent of all adults in the U.S who wish to lose weight tend to raise the amount of water they take.

Various studies have shown that taking water is beneficial to your weight loss journey and overall body maintenance. Here are some of the benefits of drinking water to your health.

Drinking water helps the body burn calories

Most studies done over the years have looked at the benefits of taking 17 ounces of water. Scientists believe that drinking water causes the body to burn even more calories, which is what scientist call resting energy expenditure.

In an adult, the resting energy expenditure tends to increase by between 24 and 30 percent within a few minutes of taking a glass of water. The effect tends to last for almost an hour.

In fact, a recent study supports this claim. Researchers found that overweight and obese children experienced up to 25 percent increase in their resting energy expenditure once they took a glass of water.

Another study on obese women looked at the effect of taking a litre of water each day. Researchers found that, over a period spanning one year, the women lost close to 4.4 lbs. These subjects did not alter their lifestyles other than taking more water.

In addition, these studies show that taking 17 ounces of water can lead to lose of body weight. The body is able to burn up to 23 extra calories. Over the course of one year, this accumulates to about 17000 calories or 4.4 lbs. of body weight.

Many other studies have examined weight loss in subjects who consume up to 1.5 litres of water each day. They noted a dramatic loss of weight, body index, circumference of waist and fat.

Taking water before your meals will lower your appetite

It is widely believed that taking water prior to your meals can cause you to lose your appetite. There is some truth to this belief, although exclusively for older adults and the middle aged. Studies involving older adults found that taking water prior to a meal could cause weight loss by more than 4.4 lbs.

In a certain study involving middle-aged obese adults who took water prior to every meal, researchers found that each person lost about 44 percent. Those who did not drink water experienced very little weight loss. you can buy hgh online also.

Another similar study concluded that taking water before your breakfast can lower your calorie intake by about 13 percent.

Drinking water reduces calorie intake and lowers your risk of putting on weight

Naturally, water has no calories, so it is believed to cause your body to take in fewer calories. The reason is that you drink water, rather than a beverage, which may contain a lot of sugar and calories. Some observational studies have found that those who take water tend to consume 200 fewer calories.

Taking water can also keep you from putting on weight. 

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How much water should you drink?

Health experts recommend that you consume 2 litres of water each day. However, note that this figure is not research based. As is the case with most other things, your water needs are unique. For instance, if you exercise on a regular basis or tend to sweet heavily, you water needs will not be the same as inactive people. Breast feeding mothers and the elderly also need more water as well.

Note that you can also get water for your bodily needs from source like fish, meat, tea, vegetables and fruits. The rule of thumb when it comes to taking water is to take plenty of water when thirst kicks in. be sure to consume enough to clear your thirst.

If you tend to have a mild headache, are always in a foul mood r are constantly feeling hungry, then it is possible that you are mildly dehydrated. Drinking plenty of water on a regular basis will help you clear such problems.

Final Word

Water is beneficial for your weight loss journey. It has no calories, so it helps the body expend calories. Water is also known to reduce your desire to eat. The experience becomes much better when you substitute sugary drinks with a regular glass of water. This will help you cut back your sugar intake.

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