Everything you need to know about DaaS

Everything you need to know about DaaS

Most organisations are shifting their base from using traditional computers to leveraging the features of virtual desktops. Lately, the demand for DaaS is heaving as enterprises have employees working from home. Above all, the leading-edge technologies are revolutionising the way you work, and numerous companies are utilising this incredible chance to cut costs with the help of Windows Virtual Desktop.

It is not just about remote work, but there are innumerable benefits to using Azure Virtual Desktop. When you use AVD, it will be easier to connect with the team and maximum security is also assured for employees who access data and applications on their devices. You can save time and also improve your productivity. If you want to know whether AVD is the right choice for your organisation, continue reading to find more details.

Perks of DaaS

A virtual desktop entirely runs on the server allowing individuals to access work applications and data from wherever they are. It is far better than traditional PCs as the virtual desktop encourages employees to work remotely without compromising security and resources. Check out some of the incredible benefits of AVD.

Remote working is crucial for every organisation

Your team requires the best desktop solution which allows them to work from home or in the office without decreasing the user experience. In a nutshell, your employees would expect a better solution to manage and securely access the company data and applications from wherever they are.

Effortless security management

You might have contractors or freelancers who need access to data from wherever they are. With Azure WVD, you can safely provide access to your data and applications. Virtual desktops are the best choice as people working from home can securely access corporate information.

Best for occasional PC requirements

At times, an employee doesn’t need a PC to work every day. Instead of utilising resources to install traditional desktops, you can use azure virtual desktop to devise virtual PCs whenever necessary. You can utilise many virtual desktops for unique business requirements. Remote users can access the virtual apps and data they need, whereas unnecessary information won’t be visible. This provides them computing power required for the work.

Why is AVD the best choice for your organisation?

Previously, virtual desktop solutions were expensive, and organisations found them complicated to install or handle. An enterprise setting up virtual desktop solutions requires a colossal server infrastructure to run virtual desktops. This restricted small and medium businesses from replacing traditional PCs with remote desktops. With the introduction of Azure WVD, DaaS has been a cost-effective and easily accessible solution for businesses of all sizes.

Though you will find numerous companies offering DaaS, AVD stands out from the crowd for its benefits. First off, AVD is easier to deploy, configure and manage. This is one reason that nudges individuals to consider AVD. With AVD, an organisation can predominantly cut costs, and you will only need less infrastructure to run a team.

You can instantly offer Windows 10 desktops to the employees with critical virtual apps, and there is no need to be concerned about the increase or decrease in the number of virtual desktops as your team expands.

Wrapping up

AVD is the best virtual desktop solution for businesses of all sizes. If employees in your organisation often work remotely, consider windows virtual desktops without any doubt. There is no need to be concerned about the cost or complexity as AVD is the most affordable virtual desktop solution.

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