Everything you need to know about eye surgery

Everything you need to know about eye surgery

Many people believe that squint is a condition that cannot be corrected or straightened. But it can be straightened at any age! And for that, you must look for the best eye specialist. You can search for the best eye specialist Mumbai for your squint eyes. 

Squint eyes are also called “Strabismus”, which means that the eyes are not aligned in one direction. The squinting can occur in one or both eyes and can diverge or converge. Plus, it might turn down or up as well. For sure, you must be wondering what the causes and treatment are. So, you can read further and learn about it.

What are the causes of squint?

Squint can be congenital, which means that the person can be born with it. It can also occur because of hereditary factors or some illness. Additionally, it can occur because of a lesion on a cranial nerve. Myopia (short-sightedness), hypermetropia (long-sightedness), and astigmatism (the cornea is not appropriately curved) are some issues that result in strabismus. 

For the affected eye to turn inward and focus better, the refractive error can help or aid. But what exactly is the refractive error? A refractive error occurs when your eyes are unable to focus on the light as it comes inside or through the lens. 

Due to the refractive error, squint can emerge around the age of 2 years or more. Hydrocephalus can lead to squint or strabismus. Your brain might have built-up a lot of cerebrospinal fluid, and this condition is called hydrocephalus. What’s more, viral infections like measles can also result in squinted eyes. Noonan syndrome and other genetic conditions can lead to squinting of eyes.

What are the symptoms of strabismus?

At times, it can be difficult to detect the symptoms of strabismus. Well, many people mistake squint for unusual-looking eyes. Some of the symptoms include blurred vision and amblyopia. Amblyopia occurs when the brain ignores signals. You and your children might complain about problems with vision. That’s when you must consult your eye specialist in Mumbai immediately.

How can strabismus be treated?

Your eye specialist will examine you meticulously and discuss the best treatment options. In case you require glasses, you will have to wear them as prescribed by the doctor. In addition to this, your doctor will use either one or a combination of remedies such as glasses containing prisms, muscle exercise in eyes, and surgery of eyes. 

You will be prescribed to wear glasses containing prisms to take care of mild to moderate double vision. You can either wear it clipped on top of your glasses or get it manufactured within the lenses. As an adult, squint can be resolved with time, and healthcare providers allow their patients to be comfortable. 

If you are experiencing a condition called convergence insufficiency, it is important to use eye muscle exercises. The eye specialist in Mumbai will discuss the various eye muscle exercises required to treat squint. One of the most common treatments for strabismus is squint surgery. 

It is a highly specialized surgery in which the surgeon loosens, tightens, or repositions the muscles of the eyes on one or both eyes allowing the alignment of the eyes to be restored. You can search for the best eye specialist in Mumbai to treat your squint eyes.

What are the advantages of treating squint?

As mentioned earlier, it helps in aligning your eyes. So, making your gaze straight and improving the alignment is a major benefit of treating strabismus. Plus, it aids in removing double vision or diplopia considerably. You can interact with your friends or colleagues without any hassle. After all, definitive cosmetic growth is provided. Moreover, it can reduce eye fatigue tremendously.

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