Everything You Should Know About Cambodian Human Hair Wigs

Cambodian Human Hair

Today, wearing a hair wig is becoming more and more popular among people. Although most people wear wigs to hide their hair thinning issues, hair wigs have become a part of today’s fashion trend. People wear different types of hair wigs to look as they want. The hair wigs are available in multiple textures like straight, wavy, or curly hair.

There are various types of hair wigs in the industry, but virgin Cambodian human hair is the best hair wig and the most demanding worldwide. Women of Cambodia take care of their hair and keep their hair very smooth and robust. It won’t be tangled or shed, so this is the reason behind its popularity in the hair industry.

Cambodian Hair Texture

Cambodian hair is collected from Cambodian women donors. It has a fine, soft, and luxurious texture known with three main types, straight hair, wavy hair, and curly hair. Cambodian hair naturally looks gorgeous. At the same time, they are very light in weight that gives comfort to the wearer. Also, it allows its’ wearers to style their hair in any way as their natural hair. Moreover, Cambodian hair withstands heat, coloring, and dying and prevents damages.

Hair Pattern and Durability

One of the biggest reasons Cambodian hair wigs are popular is that they are light in weight, and the second one is they are durable. Cambodian hair wigs can last from 12 to 24 months with careful maintenance. You can be very confident outside after wearing a Cambodian hair wig because it gives a gorgeous look closest to natural. No one can judge you are wearing a hair wig unless you tell about it. In some scenarios, people will not believe that a hair wig is applied to your head until you ask them to touch your hair.

The hair comes from Vietnamese, also well-known and famous for its smoothness, straightness, and softness, but the Cambodian hair is lightweight, looks pretty, and lasts longer than others.

Cambodian Virgin Hair

Why is it called virgin hair? The reason behind it this type of wigs is collected from only donors and made up of 100% raw human hair. All hair cuticles run in the same direction, so they are less likely to be tangled and shed. The virgin Cambodian hair wig is the highest quality and most demanding in the hair industry. The virgin Cambodian human hair is different and more expensive than Remy human hair. Cambodia is the only source to collect Cambodian human hair. The word “virgin” refers to pure and untouched. The virgin human hair that never been colored, dyed, penetrated, dried, bleached, vaporized, or processed by any chemical treatment.

Differences between Cambodian Virgin and Remy Hair

There is confusion among people about Remy and virgin Cambodian hair. If buyers do not know the difference between these types, they will likely purchase the wrong product. However, both types have great popularity in the hair wig market because both are 100% natural human hair. But the thing that differentiates them is that a donor of Remy hair used to bend, dye, or bleach her hair, and the Remy hair gets rearranged. On the other hand, the virgin hair donor doesn’t treat her hair with any chemical product. Moreover, virgin hair is more expensive and precious, and it is a great product among all types of hair extensions.

However, these types have some differences. But another thing to keep in mind is that virgin hair is Remy hair, but not all the Remy human hair is virgin. Remy human hair can be virgin hair if it hasn’t undergone any chemical process. Overall, both types can meet their user’s expectations.

How to Take Care of Virgin Cambodian Hair

Since Cambodian human hair gives a natural, smooth, shiny, and gorgeous look, it requires intensive care to sustain its durability. So, you must know how you can take care of it and what you should do to keep your hair wigs healthy.

Here we share the 4 point tips about hair wig care that help you keep your hair healthy.

Wash Your Hair Wig Carefully

During human hair wigs wearing, cleaning the hair is a fundamental rule. Firstly, you need to ensure that your natural hair and scalp are cleaned. Then, wash your hair extension as you do with your natural hair. Just like your natural hair, you can apply shampoo onto your hair wig, as it is free-sulfate and has no harsh chemicals. Besides, you can also use conditioners to get your wig’s hair moisturized and keep them shiny. Other than that, you can go to the salon for expert advice.

Style Your Hair with Care

As it is a natural human hair product, it allows the usage of heat styling tools. However, using a heat styling tool at the lower heat setting is good. Brush the hair of the wig a few in a downward and single direction. Apply a high-quality hair conditioner to maintain the softness. Keep in your mind that you should use conditioner in sufficient quantity.

If you want to color it, you can do it. But if you think you cannot do it yourself, then visit any professional hair salon. They will do it for you carefully.

Hair Treatments

To keep your virgin human hair texture long-lasting, you need to moisturize your hair as you do your body skin. Wash your hair to remove any sweat and any dirt right after swimming or coming from any outdoor activity. You need to wear a swimming cap to protect your hair from the chlorine that can make your hair dry quickly.


Cambodian human hair, especially virgin human hair, is the most famous hair in the hair wig industry. People love to wear these hair extensions due to their lightweight and, at the same time, strong and soft hair. Also, it gives a long last if you use it with care

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