Get To Know First-time Mom Pregnancy Tips In Pune

Pregnancy tips for first time moms

As a first-time mom, pregnancy can be a momentous occasion. It can also be full of uncertainty as you navigate this new territory for the very first time. Several questions may arise during your journey- What should I eat? When should I see my doctor? How can I prepare for labour? Which gynaecologist in Pune should I consult?

Not only will you be dealing with all the changes happening internally in your bodies, but there’s also so much information that needs to be understood and processed about everything else. In this article, we will walk you through some of the most important pregnancy tips for first-time moms.

Pregnancy Tips For First Time Moms 

Motherhood is one of the greatest moments in the life of women. Every day, pregnant women go through physiological and physical changes in the body. Here is a list of some tips you can get from online doctor consultation.

  • Relax and Don’t Stress 

Every woman can get anxious when they discover the fact that they are pregnant. Not only does she change physically, but regular emotional changes are also apparent and visible during the course of the pregnancy.

If the dynamic changes become more exaggerated, it might be a problem for the mother during the early stage of pregnancy. You can take simple measures like enjoying some time to yourself, talking to partners and family, and put away your busy life to be a healthy mother.

  • Online Doctor Consultation 

Due to the current pandemic, it is not advisable to travel outside the home unless necessary. So it is essential to consult the doctor to confirm pregnancy. Online doctor consultation has made this process easier.


The doctor will perform routine investigations to provide the appropriate advice to maintain your health at home. It is usually recommended to consult a doctor before reaching eight weeks of pregnancy mark.

  • Proper Diet 

Sometimes, pregnant women can feel averse to certain foods and altogether remove them from their diet. Feeding on icecreams and yoghurts can be one obsession developed due to fear of throwing up solid foods.

But that is not the case; it is important to include healthy foods and multivitamins, and other pills. Also, make sure to have a plate of healthy fruits during the noon or evening and lots of fresh vegetables.

  • A Good Pregnancy Pillow 

As soon as you get pregnant, sleep is the one thing that gets disturbed due to a lot of stress. Avoid sleeping on your back, and rest on the left side. That’s why investing in a good pregnancy pillow can help you sleep better.

Sometimes expecting moms tend to ignore this aspect and keep trying to sleep as it is. Buying an excellent pillow to deal with the problem can make all the difference.

  • Exercise and Meditation 

We know a rigorous exercise routine is not advisable during pregnancy. But an exercise or meditation routine that focuses on deep breathing makes all the difference. Walking outside for 20-30 minutes with the breeze of fresh air relaxes your mind and keeps your baby healthy.

If possible, yoga can also be a part of your routine, which helps in relieving tension and building up stamina. It also increases your immunity and overall health. Try doing simple breathing exercises and pelvic floor exercises for easy childbirth.

  • Don’t Quit Your Job 

Women who find out they are pregnant make the mistake of quitting their job. But it is a big mistake. If you are pregnant, take that as an opportunity and stay active. This will help you do things normally, and you don’t need to remain idle. Having a job also keeps your mental health and physical health in check unless your doctor recommends otherwise.

  • Talk With The Baby 

Talking with your baby and sharing the moment of happiness can keep your baby healthy and in a state of happiness. An expressive dialogue with the baby is proven to work. Also, don’t get nervous if you experience swollen feet, abdominal pain, fewer fetal movements, swelling on the face during the third semester is pretty normal.


Don’t stop doing things you usually like after pregnancy. It is better to continue doing something you love to be healthy mentally. Also, the food you eat first goes to the baby before it passes over to you. Make sure to eat a healthy diet.

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