Great News – Google My Business Adds 4 New Attributes

Google My Business Adds 4 New Attributes

Google My Business Page is one of the most advantageous platforms to make your business visible to local customers. You can display your business details, like phone numbers and addresses. Brick-and-mortar businesses also like to take advantage of GMB to establish their presence in the digital world. Moreover, as the digital landscape is highly competitive, it is imperative to create a GMB profile and beat your local competitors.

When you invest in leading digital marketing services USA, the local SEO professionals will help in creating your GMB profile. Proper development of your GMB page is important to gain the trust of your potential customers.

Although GMB is highly useful for businesses, Google is trying to refine it by adding some better attributes. You may have already heard about the newly launched GMB features, like Curbside and Click & Collect. Now, Google has taken steps to release some innovative attributes to make your online appointment easier.

4 new attributes- GMB is getting more advanced

With your Google My Business profile, you can easily add a secondary link. When you have added your business name to the GMB listing, your potential customers can make appointments from it. In the new version, you get an option to show your business outlet (in a particular site) offering an online appointment. Thus, internet users can view your detailed information on the Google Map and Google Local Park. Lots of insurance agencies, hairdressers, beauty salons, and real estate companies have found these features beneficial to their business.

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Google has thought of launching 4 new attributes to make GMB listing much useful for both businesses and their customers. Businesses can make their digital presence stronger. The market analysts and other professionals have found that these newly added attributes result in a positive effect on a website’s knowledge panels, like

  • Online Appointment
  • Online Care
  • Online Classes
  • Online Estimates

Although your GMB profile already has some attributes, you have to add these ones to them. Those attributes will be viewable in the SERP result based on the relevant queries.

How do GMB attributes help internet users?

Google is always considerate while updating any of its products and services. The GMB profile with the latest attributes helps in grabbing the attention of internet users. You can emphasize your services available in your company. Searchers rely on these attributes to decide on where they should visit avail of the best service and product.

Most importantly, Google has tried to customize its GMB attributes based on the searchers’ location. Thus, searchers will get value from these new features added to the GMB listing.

In some cases, businesses need to close their offline facility. Still, they like to continue providing services using the online mode. They can take advantage of the new GMB attributes.

Similarly, when you have changed something about your services, you have to update your GMB accordingly.

Which attribute is relevant to your business?

Based on the type of your business, you will get access to particular attributes. For instance, a restaurant cannot find an option for adding online care attributes.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the declaration of lockdown, Google has started testing on different attributes, like an online appointment. The USA was the first country where Google had released the online appointment attribute. Then, in due course, the company launched other options.

Healthcare centres and medical service providers may choose the online care attribute on the GMB listing. Similarly, other businesses, like lawn care agencies and maintenance service providers will access the online estimate as their GMB attribute.

Schools, training centers, and other academic institutions have to choose the online class attribute.

You know that pandemic has forced several businesses to provide services through the digital mode. That is why Google has thought of helping them by introducing these attributes.

Steps for adding new GMB attributes

You will find it easy to add the new attributes to the GMB listing. Previous GMB attributes will have no adverse effects.

  • Log in to your GMB account
  • Go to the location option to manage it
  • Hit the menu tab and click on Info
  • From the Add Attributes section, you can find the Edit option.
  • You can search for the right attribute to be added and click on the button, Apply.

These are some steps to insert the new attributes into your GMB profile. A little effort will help you to gain the attraction of searchers. You can make your service easily available to your potential customers.

Now, you can start editing your GMB profile to use the new attributes relevant to your business.  Google will roll out several other features to help GMB users and online searchers. Highlight your services and let your customers understand the services available to you through the virtual platform.

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