Guide 100: Develop An App Like Uber For Increasing Business In 2021

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By the end of 2018, the taxi-company gained success in making one of the finest taxi-booking applications for the users, yes, that’s correct Uber. It has been one of the most common names in the application industry, as several thousand users have gained the best experience in traveling through Uber. It was the second finest troublemaking app for businesses around the globe. It is present in more than 600 cities across 65 countries in the world. Thus, businesses and several individuals are starting to invest in the taxi-booking app industry, to start earning more as global marketing has broadened up the market share. 

After Uber’s success, several individuals started to develop their taxi app to accommodate tourists, locals, and regular customers. If you are also planning to have an app, firstly you must hire an expert who can help you in making this application. You must plan things according to the time and need of the application; it will help you in knowing the answer to the common question How long does it take to create an app like Uber?With the rapid demand for launching ride-sharing apps or easy traveling applications, you must come up with innovative ideas. For entrepreneurs, it is a great move to launch in the market and gain a maximum share of the industry.

Hence, to develop an app like Uber, you should know some of the common yet important aspects so that you can design your application accordingly. 

Necessary Features For An App Like Uber

If you are enthusiastic to create an application for your business like Uber, you must have a quick responsive interface, with continuous high speed of connection, easy navigation, appealing marketing strategies, facilitates to connect the app with a social account, easy feedback, and error report system is essential. However, you must also have countless features to make an app accessible, flexible, and easy to use for the users.

Geolocation, Navigation, and Routing

They are the real heroes of Uber to manage the ride for the customers and drivers. With navigation, routing, and geolocation, you can support your new driver as well as a passenger to look for the direction they want to go. The routing is one of the crucial aspects of the Uber app, as it processes the information for the estimated time to reach the direction or the distance left. Yes! GPS is important but routing provides an impeccable mechanism to the completely traveling app.

Cashless Payment

For the ride-with-me app, you must have this feature. This feature requires complete protection and security as it the payment feature. This feature will have a connection with the server so that they can calculate the estimated cost of the ride, shows the total fare of the ride once the ride ends. Evaluate different factors like Wallet the remaining money or payment from the card or Wallet. Here the server will calculate the fares according to the 

  • Base Fare
  • Type of vehicle 
  • Cost Per Minute 
  • Cost per Miles

These are major aspects of calculating the cost. Here you can have collaborated with various banks or payment services. Like PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, or other various credit cards. 

Registration and Profiles

Developing an on-demand application requires to have two most important features, those are customer registration and customer profile. This feature will be on both sides, driver’s app form as well as passenger app form. So that sever has complete data of both the parties. This feature will help you in tracking and monitoring the rides as well as the behavior (of driver and passenger) through feedback. While designing the form for this feature, you can include the option of connecting via social media account or through email. 

With necessary personal information, you have to include a box for the Phone number. Through this, server, or the driver can contact you once arrived at your location. However, for drivers, you have to include the car number plate, license, as well as other important car details. 


When you are designing your application, it may take around 10- 11 weeks. However, if you are hiring some professionals from the app industry, it will help you in completing the application process earlier.

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