Have a Glimpse on Rare Flowers in the World & Their Specifications

Have a Glimpse on Rare Flowers in the World & Their Specifications

Flowers have their own significance. They are used since the era for decorating.  They can also be used to embellish the look by wearing it. However, with the boom of several best florists online, flowers are nowadays preferred to be sent as a gift, no matter what the occasion is. Flowers can symbolize several feelings and emotions. They are the best way for saying thanks and expressing deepest love for someone. There are several flowers that are blessed with their practical usage and can be brought in use to make anything right from air purifiers to medicine. 

Around four hundred thousand of different species flowers and flowering plants exist in the world. Many more are yet to be discovered. Hence, it is very hard to prepare the exact list of rare flowers available in the world. Though, these flowers are rare to find. But, is easy to buy flowers online. With the advent of technology and the availability of the best florists online, sending flowers to near and dear ones is no more a hassle.

  • Chocolate Cosmos is considered to be one of the world’s rarest flowers.
  • The Earth’s rarest flower is the Middlemist’s red
  • The Stinking Corpse Lily is the Earth’s largest flower
  • Near about 571 plants & flowers species are predicted to have extinct since 1750

Rare Flowers in the World

Listed below are some of the rare flowers in the world:

Corpse Flower: The Corpse Flower, scientifically named Amorphophallus titanium grows in the rainforest of Indonesia. The name of this flower is because of its strong odor being released when it is bloomed. Its smell is like a rotting corpse. Hence, is significantly used to attract pollinators. It grows up to a height of 12 feet tall. Despite of availability of the best florists online, it’s hard to procure these types of rare flowers

Flame Lily: The Flame Lily, scientifically named Gloriosa superba is the innate flower of Asia and the tropical region of Africa. Its color ranges from dark pink to yellow and orange. It grows up to a height of 3 meters tall. The species of this flower is poisonous and may even cause skin irritation on touching. If consumed by mistake can cause death. However, this flower is used to poison dogs and also to induce abortions. One must not think to buy flowers online as they can’t be used for gifting purposes.

Stinking Corpse Lily: The Stinking Corpse Lily scientifically named Rafflesia arnoldii is native of Indonesia and Malaysia. Being the largest flower in the world, its diameter goes up to three feet. The name of this flower is given because it has the tendency to emit a strong foul odor. This flower is an icon of Borneo and is also featured on Indonesian postage stamps.

Lady’s Slipper Orchid: The name of this flower is because it resembles mostly a lady’s slipper. It is native to North America, Asia, and other European countries. It is grown in different colors. In New England, it’s available in pink variety and hence known as pink lady’s slipper orchid.

Jade Vine: Scientifically known as Strongylodon macrobotrys is found in the rainforest of the Philippines. Its vines grow as long as thirteen meters, while the collection of flowers on the vines grows up to ninety centimeters. It appears as a beautiful claw-shaped with its color ranging from blue to light green.

Ghost Orchid: This flower is a native of Cuba, Florida, and the Bahamas. The name is given after the shape of the petals. This flower does not possess leaves and can’t do photosynthesis. Reproducing process is also very difficult. It has not the ability to manufacture food of its own and hence, depends on specific tress to serve as its host.

Chocolate Cosmos: This flower appears dark brown in color. The name given is because it emits chocolate smell. This flower has already become extinct from the Mexici natural habitat. However, there are several protected areas that are engrossed in growing clones of these flowers.
Thus, to conclude, above mentioned are just a small glimpse of rare flowers in the World. The list still goes on. This is just because the natural habitat of these flowers has been destroyed by we humans and our activity. A study published in 2019 shows that more than 571 species of flowering plants have been extinct since 1750. Hence, these are the flowers that you can’t opt to buy. If you are willing to buy gifts online, the best option is to visit best florist online and place the order.

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