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On the internet, Muslims from all around the world can learn the Quran. You can learn Quran using an online Quran teaching application in the same way you can learn Quran using a traditional method. Understanding the Quran is one of the most significant parts and pillars of Islamic studies for Muslims. It accepts us for who we are and encourages us to go in the right direction.


The number of persons studying Islam online and memorizing the Quran is steadily increasing. Online madrasas, in comparison to traditional madrasas, enable a more effective teaching and learning process. The teaching methods used in online madrasas are superior to those used in traditional madrasas. It accepts us as we are and pushes us to take the right route. The number of people taking online Islamic courses and memorizing the Quran is continuously increasing.


Learning Quran online doesn’t require much wealth. Anyone can learn it very easily and there is no burden on the person for fees. Many online platforms teach Quran for free and some charge fees. There are not any fees for learning Quran online. Many tutors teach it for the religious purpose to spread the word of the Holy book Quran.


Students can choose a study program of their own choice. Every program could have different charges. There are no hidden charges in online Quran learning. Experienced tutors are available across the world to teach in an effective manner. You can arrange a separate class for yourself it will cost a little more than learning with a bunch of students.


Online academies offer basic and advanced Quran learning programs as well. It will improve your knowledge and clear some of the concepts you are lacking to understand. Many Quran academies charge a hefty fee for teaching. Some of them provide classes at a very modest cost. These forms of Madrasa should be considered for learning. The cost of online Quran classes is significantly lower than that of traditional institutions. 


These prove to be extremely pricey, as a home tutor costs a large amount of money. Online academies offer reasonably cost courses. The regular study hour rate of some online Quran learning platforms starts from $ 6 to $ 8 per hour. Depends how much time you are studying. If you are learning basic it could cost you less. It also depends on the time schedule like 30 mins or 45 mins. 


Online tutor’s charges depend upon the time per month. Per hours rates are used to calculate the fees for whole months. If you want to learn for a month 30 min per day it could cost you approximately $17. While 45 min per day can cost you around $25 dollar per month. It is not much of a cost to learn a Quran at your own convenience from the best possible teacher.


The cost also depends upon the lecture you are being given in a week. If one lecture per week is offered the monthly cost will is lower. If the two or more lectures are being provided in the same week the cost is comparatively higher than one lecture. Learning online could also save your traveling fares and charges which could also save your money. You don’t need to go to distant areas for learning and spending a lot of money on traveling. Online Quran learning can ensure that you save money and the only money you spend is on your study. 


The cost of learning the Quran online is not much as people think it is while learning in a traditional institution could cost much more than online Madrasa. Many virtual Quran academy also provides learning in multiple languages like Urdu, English, and Pashto.


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