How much return can you expect after investing in Reliance Retail Unlisted shares?

How much return can you expect after investing in Reliance Retail Unlisted shares?

Do you know there is a huge stock market running behind the formal stock exchanges? It is the unlisted shares market! An unlisted share of a company is a security or financial instrument like penny stocks, common stocks, government securities, corporate bonds that are not traded publicly on the stock market. 

Undoubtedly, buying unlisted shares seems risky as there is no monitoring and regulations by India’s Securities and Exchange Board (SEBI). But for the investors who seek value over a long period, the unlisted market is the best bet. 

Unlisted shares bring you massive opportunities for growth and exposure, especially if you are investing in the shares of a high-end organization like Reliance Industries. Reliance Retail, backed by Reliance Industries, is the hot cake in today’s unlisted shares market of India.

 Reliance Retail Share Price is predicted to shoot up to 80% as per the global brokerage, Goldman Sachs. Despite all negative news and hiccups, Reliance retail commands more market value than its parent company. 

The reason is that it is in super high demand. Further, its solid physical presence and robust partnership with the Jio group for eCommerce make it the most favorable play. 

About Reliance Retail

Reliance Retail is an Indian retail company, daughter of Reliance Retail Ventures Ltd (RRVL)- the subsidiary of Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL). Reliance Retail Limited operates its business through Reliance Fresh, Reliance Smart Point, Reliance Smart, Reliance Mall, Reliance Brands, Reliance Jewels, AJIO, Hamleys, 7-Eleven, Trend Footwear, Reliance Consumer Brands, JioMart, JioStore, Reliance Digital, Reliance Trends. 

Reliance Retail is a chain of convenience stores, supermarkets, specialty stores, online stores, carry stores. Its retail stores offer food items, grocery, electronics goods, farm implements, toys, apparel, jewelry, and home improvement goods. 

Reliance Retail Limited has more than 12000 stores in India, covering an area of over 35 million square feet across 700 cities with revenue of more than $21 bn US in FY 2021. 

Is it a good time to buy unlisted shares of Reliance Retail?

No doubt, Reliance retail is an excellent stock to buy in 2022. The Reliance Retail Unlisted Share Price is changing to a more than 40 percent premium to prices prevailing just a month back. 

The unlisted market share of Reliance Retail Ltd is valued at around 10 trillion, while reliance Industries (that include oil business, Jio, and other businesses) are valued at 14 trillion. Reliance Retail is the fastest-growing part of the Reliance Group besides its digital services. You will be surprised to know that 30% of RIL’s revenues comes from Reliance Retail. 

The Reliance Retail unlisted share price has quadrupled in the past year, surging to 1400-1450 from 400-450, thus attracting more and more dealers. The market for dealing in unlisted shares gives Reliance retail a market capitalization that dwarfs its parent company RIL which holds 99.95 percent stake in the retail firm. 

Currently, the claims of Reliance retail are trading around 2700 apiece in the unofficial share market. If this price remains constant, the company’s valuation would be around Rs 20 lakh crore on a diluted basis against RIL’s total market cap of 13 crores. 

Hence, the dealers believe that the unlisted stock demands an unbelievable scarcity premium, as demand is substantially high. These numbers are sufficient to say that investing in Reliance Retail shares is the best option for you in the current share market. 

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