How To Find Best ENT Specialists

Best ENT Specialists

As a branch of medicine ENT deals with ear, nose, and throat-related issues. An ENT doctor is a specialist in this field and treats conditions that affect the ear, nose, throat either through medication or surgery. Moreover, such doctors also deal with issues associated with the head and neck. 

A host of conditions are associated with these body parts which makes ENT a diverse area of study. It also comprises a plethora of medical procedures under its fold. When it comes to ENT, conditions could be treated by means of medicines while some may need surgery. Since ENT is a broad field, some ENT specialists are considered good in certain specific areas while others are adept in different ones. If you are looking for ENT Doctor in Delhi or an ENT doctor online, you can find the best ENT doctors on DocGenie

If you have scheduled an appointment with an ENT doctor it is important to prepare in advance in order to make the most from your visit or online session with your ENT Doctor.

Here is how to prepare before your appointment with ENT Doctor in Delhi 

Write it down. Note down all the questions that you want to ask your ENT Doctor and also the symptoms you are experiencing, for how long you’ve been noticing them, and if they are constant or recurring. This helps you answer questions from the ENT accurately. 

Make a list of the medications including the supplements you are taking. Your list must include the following –

         Prescribed medicines

         Over the counter medicines

         Herbal supplements


On the day of your appointment with an ENT Doctor in Delhi take someone along. Taking a friend or family member with you is a good idea as he/she can be with you during the examination and also take notes from the doctor. Moreover, having an extra set of ears will help in noting everything that your doctor will say.

While seeing your ENT Doctor online, if you fail to understand something that the ENT Specialist says, by all means, ask them to explain again, maybe through a picture or diagram. 

Before you leave or end the counseling session with an ENT doctor online, ensure that all your questions have been answered. If the doctor recommends any procedures at home, ask them for a printed sheet with instructions. Also, be sure that you have the prescription and have understood the dosage requirements. Do remember to enquire about side effects.

When should one reach out to an ENT doctor?

Health issues with the ear, nose, and throat are generally not very severe and do not pose serious threats to your health. Moreover, they are known to go on their own. That said, they do affect the quality of your life. Hence, it is better not to ignore consulting the ENT specialist forever. Here are some conditions for which you can see an ENT doctor online –

         Hoarseness, when it lasts for more than two weeks it could be a symptom of cancer, particularly of the larynx.

         Difficulty swallowing also called Dysphagia – causes could be digestive disorders, certain types of cancers, or neurological conditions such as stroke. 

         Snoring with or without sleep apnoea which means broken breathing for more than 10 seconds – Sleep apnoea can indicate an increased risk of high blood pressure, heart conditions, and stroke. Symptoms include daytime sleepiness, trouble in concentrating, bouts of anger, morning headaches.

         Balance problems or dizziness – Common in the elderly and problems arise from issues in the inner-ear balance organs. Though not dangerous, it can cause frequent falls and even can be life-threatening while working with machines, driving cars, or walking on busy roads.

         Hearing loss which is sudden onset or one-sided – Sudden hearing loss that results from damage to your hearing organ is an emergency and needs immediate medical attention. The other causes could be inner-ear infections to meningitis.

         Painless swelling on the neck that lasts for more than two weeks – While lump or swelling on your neck could be due to acne, it can also be due to a serious condition including cancer.

         Breathing problem – this could be the symptom of underlying conditions like deviated nose or allergic inflammation of tissues in the nose, or that of serious conditions like fungal sinusitis or cancer of the sinuses, infection in the chest, asthma, tuberculosis, or even lung cancer.

         Cough lasting for more than three weeks- This might be due to throat problems like pharyngitis or other serious conditions like throat/oesophageal (food pipe)/lung cancer.

         Recurrent nosebleeds – Recurrent nosebleeds though considered more of a nuisance could also be the only symptom of cancer of the sinuses. Seek immediate help.

         Facial pain or headaches – These issues might have underlying reasons like toothache, migraine, or more serious ones like neurological disorder or brain cancer.

What tests do ENT doctors recommend?

An ENT Doctor in Delhi or audiologist can recommend a variety of tests to help identify the true cause of your condition. In addition to specific tests for your ears, nose, and throat, such doctors may also prescribe some blood tests, MRIs, X-rays, and CT and PET scans. 

Here are some of the known tests recommended by ENT doctors on DocGenie-

Hearing tests


         Pure tone audiometry

         Evoked potential (EP)

Throat and voice procedures

         Barium swallow



         Laryngeal electromyography (EMG)


Nose and sinus procedures

         Nasal endoscopy

         Sinus computed tomography (CT or CAT) scans

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