How to Prepare For Biology Final Exams

How to Prepare For Biology Final Exams

As it is known Biology is a subject that studies the human body. It is very important for a human being to know about one’s own body and how it works. Therefore in every curriculum Biology is given equal importance as any other main subject. Also, comparatively, Biology is easier than the other Science subjects. So here are some tips that can be used to score well in Biology. 



  • Basic Knowledge of the Syllabus


Basic knowledge of the syllabus is very important while you are studying a subject. Go through the syllabus and know what you are going to study. Most of the topics may be known to you as Biology is mostly about the human body. If there is anything new you find make sure to read a little about the topic for a basic understanding. 

After going through the syllabus try to know about the weightage of marks given for each topic. This can help you schedule the time for each topic. More time should be given to topics that are comparatively harder to study and has more weightage of marks.



  • I Can Do It Attitude


For studying anything and everything one should have an attitude which is positive towards the subject and believe that they can do it. Similarly while studying Biology you should have an attitude which inspires you to understand the subject nicely. Some topics may feel complicated but if you lose your hope nothing can happen. Thus make sure to have a positive attitude towards biology. It is easy if you study it right and you can score high marks, that’s it.



  • A Good Base


Start with the basics always. Study the introduction part well. Know what the topic is about. A piece of basic knowledge about the topic can help a lot while studying. Going through the points you already know about the subject can also help. This will make it remain fresh in your mind. 



  • Make the most use of Classroom


It is through live interaction with the teacher in a classroom that students learn maximum parts of their syllabus. Thus make sure to make the classroom a very good experience. Grasp as much as you can while in the class. 

To make the classroom experience easier, prepare well before the class itself. Try to read or get a piece of knowledge about the topic that is going to be taught in the classroom. Make use of your textbook and read the topic well before the class. This will help you understand the class more. 

While in class pay attention to the teacher. Try to understand what he/she/they are talking about. Take lecture notes. Ask doubts. 

After the class, discuss the topic with your classmates. Review the lecture notes. Make proper notes in this study which can be helpful for your revision. Learning materials like mind maps, flashcards, etc. can also be used for making the process more interesting.



  • Study New Words


Biology has many new words that you can learn. The biological names of certain species, certain procedures, etc. can be found. Try to study all of them. Making flashcards for new words can help. This way you can go back to the word and its meaning very easily when needed.

Also, most of the words may be lengthy ones. Try to break them down into small parts. This way you can understand better. For example, Photosynthesis can be divided into two parts: photo, which means ‘light’, and synthesis, which means ‘to put together.’ Like this, you can divide a word into parts and study its meaning easily.



  • Make use of the Materials


Good materials are a basic need for studying any subject. Choose your materials wisely. Textbooks, Reference materials, Guides, Online materials, etc. should be chosen after proper review. It is suggested to use NCERT Textbooks as they provide almost all the topics in an easy-to-understand way. For an 11th class student, the highly recommended material is NCERT Books for Class 11 Biology.

Also, make use of your lecture notes and the other notes provided by the teachers to the maximum. Make sure to go through all these materials minimum of three times before making self-made notes. This will help you make sure you have not missed any important points.



  • Diagrams


Practice using diagrams. For Biology a diagram question is a must in almost every exam. Make sure you practice drawing all the diagrams and study all the parts and label them accordingly. Keep these diagrams with your notes so that you can go through them while you are revising for the exam.



  • Time Management


The above-mentioned tips are to be done before the exams get announced. Once the exams are announced, try to start studying as early as you can. This will provide you with more time than needed and thus you can revise your portions several times and can make yourself ready for the exam.

Set a timetable especially for Biology giving daily an hour or so for the subject. Make the timetable topic-wise so it will be easy studying in small parts. Try to follow this timetable strictly as possible. 



  • Revise


Always revise what you have studied already. After studying each topic check yourself with the help of practice questions given in the textbooks and reference books. This will be a practice for you on how to give answers in the examination. With revision find out the topics you need to focus more on and prepare accordingly. Through this method, you will be mastered in almost all the topics very well.

Make use of previous years’ question papers too. This will give you an insight into the type of questions, weightage of marks for each question, format of the question paper, etc.



  • Active Learning Materials


Use learning materials like pictures, flashcards, drawings, mind maps, etc. this will make your process of studying more easy and interesting. Make yourself relaxed in the process and don’t get over tensed as this may negatively affect the examination.



  • Ask for Help


If there is any topic you need assistance on feel free to ask for help from your peers, teachers, etc. It is also suggested to be part of study groups. This way you can study more. Teaching somebody else what you studied can also make the topic remain in your head for a longer time.


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