How To Select A Good Engineering College For Yourself?

Good Engineering College

Choosing the right engineering college is indeed a monumental task. You might find endless options for B.Tech Computer Science Colleges, Mechanical Engineering Colleges, and so on, but please ensure that you don’t make a hasty choice. After all, it involves dedicating 4 precious years of your student life, and sizeable expenditure on part of your parents. 

Your entire career will be shaped by this decision, and it is necessary to do considerable brainstorming before taking the plunge. Usually, the admission commences for the new academic year from May onwards. 

So ideally start with your research well in advance, and go through the following tips to select a good Engineering College for yourself:-



Before you start making Google searches for ‘Best Engineering Colleges in Lucknow’ for your city or nearby cities, please decide which Engineering Stream you wish to pursue. There are several choices like IT, Electrical, Mechanical, and Civil Engineering. Your choice should depend on your passion, aptitude, and strong academic areas. You should preferably aim for one particular stream, and keep another one as a backup in case you don’t qualify for your first choice.


  • Shortlist Colleges based on Accreditation


Checking the accreditation of any college is very important, before filling the application form. Since Engineering is a highly technical course, it is all the more important to verify the credentials of the educational institution. While NBA stands for National Board of Accreditation, while NAAC stands for National Assessment and Accreditation Council. Whether you are cross-checking the authenticity of B.Tech Computer Science Colleges or Civil Engineering Colleges, both NBA and NAAC accreditation needs to be checked.

  • Set the Geographical Zone

For most parents with limited budgets, sending off your child to study too far away from home might be unnecessarily expensive. Therefore, it is important to set a geographical zone within which you intend to search for the best engineering colleges. It could include your home town or city, and other cities in the same state or neighboring states. For example, if you belong to Uttar Pradesh, you should begin your search with the best Engineering Colleges in Lucknow, followed by Noida, Ghaziabad, Kanpur, and so on.


  • Verify the Faculty, Infrastructure, and Facilities


One of the most important determinants of the quality of education imparted in any college is the faculty credentials. Check out the websites of the colleges that you have shortlisted and go through the qualifications of the faculty members. Take a look at the infrastructure and facilities of the college- classrooms, laboratories, campus, hostel facilities, canteen, and so on. If possible, take a tour of the campus in person as well.


  • Check on Campus Placements


The campus placements success rate is very critical because it directly affects your job opportunities post-college. After spending 4 years there, you don’t want to suddenly discover that there are hardly any good companies that come over for job placement for final year students. So make sure you check on this aspect with the Admissions Counsellor.


  • Check for Scholarship Eligibility


If you have thoroughly searched for the best Engineering Colleges in Lucknow, do check for the scholarship eligibility in all the ones that you have shortlisted. Since scholarships are limited, there is always great competition. So it would greatly benefit you to find out all the details in advance, and keep yourself well prepared. Especially if the colleges of your choice are beyond the budget of your parents, this aspect needs to be thoroughly checked on beforehand.


  • Check for Renowned Brands and All-India Ranking


For instance, if you are looking for the best B.Tech Computer Science Colleges, don’t forget to check the all India ranking list. Familiar names and brands are a good option to look into, as long as you verify the accreditation. Always search for the latest ranking lists, based on important parameters such as Teaching Standards, Learning Resources, Placements, Brand Name, Outreach, Facilities, and so on. Last but not the least, find out about the Entrance Exam Syllabus, Date, and Eligibility Score required.


At the end of the day, your choice of engineering colleges depends on multiple factors. Also, your choice is purely subjective, and what might be the best choice for you and your parents based on your location and budget, might not be the best choice for another student. So take your time, consult career counselors if required, and then make your choice.

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