Makes the Plastic Packaging Toxic But Custom Cardboard Packaging Not


Custom Boxes are considered the most compatible packaging solutions due to the way they cater to the needs of every sort of item. This packaging is made from materials like Kraft stock, corrugated e flute, and cardboard stock. It is accessible in various styles, shapes, and sizes to suit the item and customer needs for long-term customer satisfaction. With the use of various customization techniques like dying cuttings, PVC sheets, perforation, embossing, and foil stamping, this packaging can turn into a much pleasing sight to gaze at. With the use of the latest printing technology, businesses are able to put across their objectives in an efficient manner.

Custom boxes are seen as a perfect way to encase items that need to stay protected and added value to. This packaging focuses on factors that contribute to enhancing an item’s dignity for the better. It pays keen attention to the fact that customers must be offered the best quality items for an increase in sales both in the short run and long run. This packaging has its own traits that distinguish it from many other packaging solutions. There are certain factors that need to be considered before determining this packaging solution as the most preferred one over plastic packaging.

Manufacturing is the Primary Difference 

Custom packaging is made from materials like Kraft stock, card stock, corrugated E flute, and bux board stock. This packaging consists of three layers of paper, an inner layer, an outer layer, and the third layer is shaped into waves. It contains a high amount of fiber that is extracted from paper and is reprocessed into manufacturing this packaging. No bleaches and dyes are involved in the manufacturing process. This technique is safe to use and poses no environmental threats. On the other hand, manufacturing plastic has a slightly different process. It is made from fossil fuels that involve a mixing of oil and gas molecules, which are then given heat and pressure to make solid packaging solutions like bottles and bags. This process involves using high-tech machinery that is likely to involve dumping of waste and emission of harmful gases that is likely to cause environmental destruction.

Recyclability is the Crux 

 The most appreciable benefit of using custom packaging boxes is that it possesses a recyclable attribute. The pulp that goes into making this packaging can be reprocessed to make a new packaging solution. This indicates a minimal wastage being produced by businesses making this packaging. Landfills enjoy a safe stance and are not adversely affected by any wastage being caused as there is not any. Plastic at the same time poses difficulty in getting recycled. This is because this process is time taking and becomes costly for businesses. High-tech machinery is required to crush and break plastic for reusable purposes. Machinery used in this activity could cause pollution that is never good news for the eco-system.

The Biodegradable Stance Must Be Considered  

One of the most attractive features embraced by custom printed packaging is that it is biodegradable in nature. This suggests that after serving its original purpose, it can be put at disposal, which then leads to decomposition taking place. The time span of decomposition may vary, but the material used in this packaging is broken down into tiny bits and absorbed by the earth. Humid weather condition speeds up this process. Keeping this in view, this packaging has been approved by FDA as there is no involvement of toxic chemicals in the making of this packaging. Plastic, on the other hand, takes a very long time to break down. As the decomposition process is time taking, plastic piles up, causing threats to the landfills, oceans, and rivers. Plastic can clog drains resulting in damage to sea life in the long run.

Increase in Gas Emissions 

With massive destruction caused by an increase in global warming and greenhouse effects, people have become increasingly considerate about using products that pose a green impact on the environment. Custom boxes USA provides packaging solutions that are made from paper. The Paper industry is considered a sustainable industry and focuses upon afforestation, waste reduction, and logging. While trees are cut down into wood chips, these are then mixed in boiling water to create pulp, which is then processed to make paper. This process does not involve using any machinery that emits pollutants causing harm to the environment. On the other hand creation of plastic involves the emission of a large amount of greenhouse emission as the process of breaking it down and decomposing it is quite technical. A rise in greenhouse emissions leads to thinning of the ozone layer and the worsening of global warming.

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Coatings Used Are Harmful At Times 

It has been revealed that chemicals used in plastic packaging can be absorbed by the food, making it toxic. Heating food in microwaves and ovens can cause chemical leaching into food, making it acidic. The coating used on plastic is made from toxic additives like including phthalates, lead, cadmium that can cause harm to the edibles inside. Food businesses at the same time use custom boxes wholesale offers that allow them to buy this packaging in bulk to benefit from low-cost advantages from the suppliers. This is because this packaging uses aqueous, Spot UV, gloss, and matte coatings that protect the edibles against any contact with water, moisture, heat, and bacterial attack, thus keeping the food fresh at all times.

Custom boxes are known for their flexible nature as they strive to provide the most suitable ambiance to the items that are to be encased. With all the differences discussed above regarding the two packaging solutions, it is safe to say that cardboard packaging is the most reliable one when it comes to assuring protection for items of various natures.

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