Reasons to go for an  Electronic performance support system

Electronic performance support system

The electronic performance support system has completely revolutionized the working of an organization by empowering individuals with the much-needed resources in their day-to-day workflow. It effectively improves the quality of work and efficiency.

A performance support tool provides round-the-clock support and solves all queries within seconds. Thus it effectively improves performance, and productivity and makes the employees proficient in the usage of the tool. The employees can solve queries and provide the right solutions at the right time.

How do companies benefit from an Electronic performance support system?

Companies can enhance their revenue manifold by implementing an electronic performance support system. Here are some major advantages of EPSS:

  • Effective Contextual Training and Support – The electronic performance support system is very helpful for the HR department in any organization. They no longer need to conduct offline training sessions for new and old employees. An employee onboarding procedure gets simplified by using EPSS as all relevant information is readily available in multiple formats. Moreover, the information is divided under functional heads so that employees can easily find information related to their department. Users can experience and learn whatever they want, whenever they have the time or the inclination to do so.
  • Cost-effective – The electronic performance support system is cost-effective too as it replaces the traditional training sessions that companies used to conduct for their employees from time to time. During these traditional training sessions, companies had to bear the additional cost of training manuals that had to be distributed during the session. These unwanted expenses can be avoided by using EPSS as it incorporates audio-visual, textual, and other multiple media formats to provide relevant information.
  • Self-reliant Workforce – An electronic performance support system helps create a self-reliant workforce that no longer requires external support. They can find all relevant information within minutes and thus enhance their efficiency and output. This also makes them more confident which is ultimately good for the organization.
  • Deflect Support Tickets – The burden on the product support team is considerably reduced with the help of EPSS. It helps organizations provide better customer support and reduce the cost of their product support team by deflecting support tickets.
  • Employees become more proficient software users- Becoming proficient in technology and its use is the need of the hour in today’s digital era. Performance support tools turn new users into experts within no time by answering unique questions. Gradually the users become more proficient at using the software and comfortably learn all advanced features too.
  • Enhanced Digital Adoption – Teams can use the electronic performance support system to create personalized content that is embedded directly into their application. The employees and the users can thus use the tool to find answers without having to leave the user interface. The improved adoption of enterprise applications is very useful for internal employees. Moreover, the companies that create their Apps or software improve their user experience with better contextual onboarding of employees. 
  • Continuous Upskilling and Performance Enhancement – Performance support tools identify learning gaps between the desired and actual performance and the reason behind it. When an employee is unable to recall things he/she might waste a lot of his precious time searching for answers online or reaching out to other employees for support. These incidents besides being time-consuming, also deteriorate employee performance. The performance support tools help the employees find useful information and reduce the time spent finding the same from various sources. 
  • User Onboarding – Employees may find it daunting to understand a new software application when they visit it for the first time. They may be completely unaware of the functionalities and features of the new software. In such cases, a performance support tool on your application can help new users to understand how to use the application. It allows the users to read the instructions and perform various tasks simultaneously.

Wrapping up:

An electronic performance support system essentially improves employee onboarding, employee development, and continuous learning, digital adoption among other things. It also provides HR teams with learning analytics such as feature usage, task completion, and software usage. It can easily be called a game-changer for employee performance support as it improves the proficiency rates for users and employees. 

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