The need for regular health checkups

The need for regular health checkups

The fast-paced life of people living in the 21st century has made them neglect their health. Most of them hardly eat well, get enough sleep, or exercise regularly. They start caring for their health only when they face health problems. 

Preventive healthcare is a good idea as it enables doctors to identify health disorders at an early stage. A full body checkup helps to detect lifestyle-related diseases and treat them quickly. In addition to the treatment, doctors give medical advice, diet choices, and exercise plans to lead a healthy life. 

Preventive healthcare helps to eliminate surgeries and long-term therapies. Early detection of a disease is the best way to cure it quickly without any complications. A full-body health checkup is a complete checkup of the entire body, including the heart, liver, and kidney, to assess a person’s current health status. 

It helps to find out about the abnormalities in the internal organs and detect early stages of diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and respiratory diseases. For people who suffer from frequent health issues, health checkups help identify the problem accurately.

Common tests in a full body health checkup

  • Blood test
  • Urine test
  • ECG
  • Diabetes screening
  • Thyroid testing
  • Lipid profile test
  • Liver examination
  • Kidney examination
  • Eye checkup
  • Mammography and pap smear (for women)

The tests done in health checkup packages vary according to a person’s requirements. A full-body health checkup gives a comprehensive picture of a person’s overall health condition and helps doctors to make better decisions.

For people suffering from life-threatening diseases like cancer, a health checkup helps manage the disease and increases the person’s lifespan. Stress-induced lifestyle causes diseases like asthma, diabetes, and obesity. Health checkups identify the diseases at the right time, and the person is treated quickly before the condition worsens.

People below 50 years should have a health checkup once every three years. It is best for those above 50 years to have a checkup like the Thyrocare full body checkup once every year.

Benefits of regular checkups

  • Life-threatening health problems are detected before they cause serious problems.
  • Monitoring the existing health problems and preventing them from worsening or getting complicated.
  • Prevents additional healthcare costs that are incurred by treating severe health issues not detected at an early stage.
  • Live a healthy life with lesser health issues.

Common symptoms that need a health checkup

  • Frequent headaches
  • Abdominal discomfort
  • Chest pain
  • Sudden weight loss

Some diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and psychological disorders are common hereditary issues passed down from generation to generation. Regular health checkups detect them early and help people live a healthy, smooth life.

What to ask the doctor during a health checkup

While meeting a doctor for a health checkup, a person should: 

  • Prepare a list of questions to ask the doctor. It should clear all the doubts about a person’s existing health condition.
  • Get clear instructions for taking the prescribed medications and their dosage.
  • Share information about the medications taken regularly before going for a health checkup.

Getting a full body checkup is essential to identify health issues before they turn into illnesses affecting a person’s life. Regular health checkups give people an opportunity to live longer. They cure diseases on time and prevent the aggravation of existing conditions. 

Planning for a checkup and following the doctor’s instructions are important; they ensure a happy and healthy life.

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