Two Types Of Online Team Meetings That Employees Usually Enjoy

Two Types Of Online Team Meetings That Employees Usually Enjoy

Team meetings can be a space of different mindsets collaborating to lead some of the best ideas forward. A successful team meeting is one where you have achieved the agenda with each member walking out refreshed and equipped with valuable resources. However, that’s not always the case as there are times when team meetings bring in gloom and doom, much to the dismay of the employees. Other times, there are team meetings that are so hyped-up and instead turn out to be a total bore, leaving employees wondering, as to why this meeting was even held in the first place.

Changes Brought By The Pandemic

Though the pandemic brought in new changes, which enveloped various sectors and public domains. One such area affected by the pandemic was team meetings. Now employees were no longer gathered in the conference room for the big talk. Instead, they gathered on Zoom or Skype. However, holding a team meeting isn’t just enough. To make it productive, employers are constantly looking at ways to enhance their productivity stats and the team meeting too needs to be subjected to scrutiny for a makeover!

Moving Your Team Online

While you may have moved all your teams online, holding a team meeting to boost the morale collectively is still essential. Hence, it’s better, if your establishment invests in an internet service provider that’s reliable and charges reasonable prices for a high-speed internet connection. Though many internet service providers have sprouted up and flooded the market, we suggest that you look for big names that have been in the internet solutions business for a long time.

Your Internet Connection Determines Your Success

Ironically, high internet service connection has become a crucial denominator in determining the success of the respective business. To achieve most of your goals and enhance operational efficiency at the same time, we suggest that you invest in WOW Internet, which supports high bandwidth delivered over a fiber-optic network that ensures a remarkable service performance for all users!

All Team Meetings Are Not Equal – Some Are Greater Than Others

George Orwell’s famous words in the novel, Animal Farm, can slightly be tweaked and applied here. Indeed, all team meetings are not equal. It’s what ‘YOU’ make of them, that’s what makes them greater or lesser. Since we moved online, team meetings have become even more crucial than before. Mostly, because once you could see and judge the needs of your team via different factors, such as body language or communication style. But since the pandemic, that option has been reduced. 

Different Kind Of Meanings That Usually Employees Enjoy

Some team meetings just cannot be swapped with an email; you need to hold them online for all employees to attend: 

The Creative Fun Team Meetings – Corporate Brainstorming Sessions

Brainstorming sessions are usually fun for these make the truly pragmatic employees get in touch with their wildly creative side. What’s more, is that these sessions allow employees to think out of the box but also this is a great way for all employees to network. While coming up with new ideas in a silo is often a difficult process for the extroverted ones, why not pair them up with the introverted employees and see the results!

Occasionally, corporate firms indulge in a brainstorming session to get the juices flowing. Whether it’s the HR Department gathering different units to take their opinion about the induction of the new rule or simply asking for their opinions and suggestions regarding employee benefits, brainstorming sessions allow employees to view the lighter side of the management, that’s often needed for overall organizational progress and operational growth. 

Just letting your ideas bounce around makes for some great team effort! Your focus should not be on the result, it should be on the organic way ideas freely floated in the conference room. Ask employees and colleagues to grab a pen and paper and jot down all. At the end of the meeting, you can decide which one can be instantly used and which needs slight modification for usage.

New Beginnings – The Project Kick-off Meetings

These kinds of team meetings are held before a new project starts. Since it means, involving a new client, employees are usually careful in their interaction and normally put their best professional foot forward. Kick-off meetings involve details of the new project so this is a kind of meeting where attention regarding insights of the client and minutest of details regarding the project are up for deep discussions. 

Hence, it’s better that you have a strategy before you attend this kind of meeting as you must set expectations and goals for a smooth ride ahead. Creating a safe space where questions are freely asked is also important so that each individual knows what is expected from their respective goal. It is suggested that apps should be encouraged for use, which comes with a screen sharing option so that documents, notes, and presentations are easily shared across employees sitting in different time zones and different regions, respectively.

Kick-off meetings shouldn’t just be about information sharing, it should clarify several pointers to all individuals involved, such as deliverable dates, task distribution, and plans ahead. Hence, always prepare the agenda beforehand for a kick-off meeting so that maximum time can be optimally utilized.

Final Thoughts

The requirements of each team are unique and need to be respected and answered in the best way possible. These meetings are just another reason for all employees to come on the same page, that’s why these meetings should be more like energy boosters so that your team does not feel that their time was wasted. On the employer’s end, such team meetings are just another way to understand your team and see how they are feeling, as an individual and altogether as well. That’s why first invest in an internet service that makes such team meetings simply a joy. Also, don’t forget these meetings must be treated as an important investment for these give employers a chance to understand their employees beyond the glass screen. 

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