Unique Valentine’s Day gift for husband


Valentine’s day is all about celebration but to celebrate the day to the tee you need to make some proper planning. In that regard, planning should be like eating outside spending cozy time. On top of that, the best would be when you arrange and sort the actual heart-winning presents for your dearest hubby. So take a look at the selections we have conscripted here.


Customized calendar

It is all about dates and you mark this date 14th February on the calendar with lots of inner happiness. It is because the day has a special significance in your life. It was on this day you and he got married. Therefore to wonder him you thought to purchase a beautiful calendar. Though it sounds calendar it is personalized and speaking of which the design shows love birds. In the middle, the embossed photo of yours gives a strong feeling that you two are too close to each other. Now talking about the material medium density fiber has been used as the base. No doubt it is the right catch for this Valentine’s Day Gifts.

Face care kit

Your husband has liking about grooming items. But you know well that he is not among those who will use any kind of items on his face rather he likes to use the branded ones. So for this Valentine’s Day, you decided to add the one from the Ayushmann brand. The gift combo has items such as the Charcoal peel mask and face cleanser, scrubber, cream. The best part about these products is that it suits well on any skin. Therefore you thought that it would be a great help to your husband as well.

Personalized roller pen

You are too caring and you keep a close eye on your husband’s likings. That is why for a long you have discovered that he keeps a special interest in writing journals. So you thought that a pen can be a great gift for him on this Valentine’s Day. But to make that gift a bit unique you thought to personalize the gift. And for that, you thought to engrave the name of your husband on the rollerball pen. Now one thing also mattered that is the look of the roller pen, thankfully the pen is in black and is made of metal. And the blue color of the ink is an all-time favorite of your husband. You are now quite sure that your husband will be shocked to receive this present.

Tie and cuff link

As a wife, you are too cautious about your husband’s dress-up and look. It is your wish that he should always look like a gentleman. Keeping that thing in mind you got a thought that it would be excellent to offer a necktie and cuff link combo set. It clicked you because a few months ago you presented him with a coat and pant set. Therefore once you gift this the look would be completed. Now coming to the look of this set it has the pink-colored polka-dotted tie along with baby pink cuff links. Altogether it looked so pretty. Along with this gift you thought to purchase a strawberry cake for him as well because you know he had a fascination for that.

Plant love

Your husband has a great love for plants and he adores adding more and more greens at home. That is why without much scouting on the internet through the shopping sites you directly added this green sansevieria plant to your cart. Talking of this plant it is a great air purifier and the green in the indoor areas add lots of vibrancy to the place. The best side is that these indoor additions will enliven the whole decor of the room. Moreover, to a great extent, it will make him enjoy this soothing look every time he prefers to do it. So thinking of all these you added this particular sansevieria potted in a brown planter at a rate of rs 699 from the renowned gifting site Oyegifts.com.

Loved furry cushion

Love needs your attention and most importantly it needs expression. Unless you express your love you won’t be able to make clear what you feel for that person. In that case, you will see that a gift act as the medium of expression. And that is why you need to select the perfect gift for the person. And this is the reason why you selected the red furry cushion because you know he will appreciate your selection. This is a personalized cushion and it has the photo of your husband printed digitally and this digital effect created a pristine appeal. The cost of this item is only rs 499.

Final talk

These are some of the underlined Valentine’s Day gifts for the husband.

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