Which are the most common Signs of a stroke in women?

most common Signs of a stroke in women

According to the reports and facts, almost more than three fourth of the women suffer from the stroke issue every year. Basically, in simpler terms, when a blood clot or we can say that the ruptured vessels cut off from the blood flow and go to the brain of the human beings. Moreover, facts and figures also say that almost 140000 people around the world also die out of the same stroke issues every year. 

The stroke issue in the human beings includes the development of the blood clots or even we can say that the catching pneumonia. Basically, men are more prone to the stroke problems but on the other hand, women are more prone to the lifetime issues for the same stroke issues and in addition to this, women are more likely to die from the same. 

According to the reports of the CDC or we can say that The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention almost 1 in the random 5 American women will have a stroke. Plus, more than 50 percent out of the same die because of this stroke issue. Moreover, the stroke issue is the main or we can say that the major reason for deaths in the American women. 

There are so many major reasons that why a woman can have the stroke issue. Below are mentioned some of them.

  1. A woman is tend to live more than a man.
  2. Old age can be one of the major reasons for the stroke issue
  3. High blood pressure of the human beings can be one reason
  4. Pregnancy is also one of the major reasons of stroke issue
  5. The birth control pills or the treatment for the same can also one of the major reasons.

There are so many Signs of a stroke in women that are being described by the doctors. Knowing as well as understanding them can be very beneficial in treating it and getting rid of this disease. 

Here are a few major Signs of a stroke in women. Have a look at them.

  1. Nausea 
  2. vomiting
  3. seizures
  4. hiccups
  5. Trouble in the breathing
  6. Pain
  7. Fainting
  8. The loss of consciousness so often
  9. general weakness

Basically, all the above mentioned Signs of a stroke in women are a unique kind of the symptoms and because of which it will be very difficult and not completely right to immediately connect all these Signs of a stroke in women with the stroke. However, sometimes this can delay the needed as well as required treatment in the human being and this ultimately can hinder the recovery of the human beings. If a person can feel as well as did not differentiate between the actual stroke and the symptoms then the person should go for the local services . The local services of the doctors can guide all the people in a much better way then just going by the symptoms.

Here are a few major symptoms of the stroke that can affect the mental status of the women as well:

  1. Unresponsiveness of the mind in the human beings
  2. The disorientation of the person
  3. A great sense of confusion in the human beings
  4. A sudden behavioral changes in the human beings 
  5. Mood swings of the people
  6. The agitation
  7. An experience of the hallucination in the person. 

Here are a few more major as well as the common symptoms of the stroke in the people:

  1. A sense of sudden trouble seeing in one or in both of the eyes of the person.
  2. A feeling of sudden numbness in the human beings
  3. A person might experience a sense of weakness that can be shown on the face of the person.
  4. sudden trouble speaking or even understanding the things around them
  5. A person might face as well as feel so kind of the confusion
  6. A sudden as well as severe headache without any kind of the known or valid cause
  7. A sense of sudden dizziness, even the trouble walking, along with the loss of balance or coordination while walking in general.

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There are different types of the strokes in women:

  1. The Ischemic stroke
  2. The Hemorrhagic stroke

A woman can experience the following uneasiness if she might have stroke issues:

  1. Some kind of the stroke related disability
  2. Difficulty in doing the daily living activities
  3. Depression can be experienced.
  4. The mental impairment
  5. The reduced quality of life

Here are a few things that can be done if the above symptoms are been experienced:

  1. The person should eat a balanced as well as proper healthy diet
  2. maintain a healthy weight
  3. Do the regular exercise
  4. The person must quit smoking

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