Why Ivy Is the Wellness Tracker All Women Need

Wellness Tracker All Women Need

For Urška Sršen and Sandro Mur, founders of the wellness tech company Bellabeat, they knew long before the COVID-19 pandemic that health and wellness are two of life’s most vital pillars.

That mindset drove them to found Bellabeat in 2013, and they’ve spent the past eight years creating wearable devices to help women better prioritize their mind-body health.

In Ivy, their latest product debut, Bellabeat reaches new heights with cutting-edge technology that tracks lifestyle habits, health data and menstrual cycles, all to help women better understand their body’s biological response to activity around the clock.

“When women are able to refocus on self-care in a world of chaos and stress, they become empowered,” Urska Srsen, Bellabeat founder, said. “We believe self-care shouldn’t be a burden, and designed Ivy, the smartest piece of jewelry, to make self-care simple and stylish. Ivy helps women recenter, realign and feel empowered to make changes toward rediscovering their best possible self.”

Ivy’s core features include Day measurements, which track active time, steps, calories, distance, active heart rate, workout intensity and meditation. And Night measurements, which follow sleep duration and quality, resting heart rate, respiratory rate and cardiac coherence.

The health data collected syncs to the Bellabeat wellness app, where the information relays across the Readiness Score, Wellness Score and Cycle categories. The Readiness Score houses information on how the body responds to activities like sleep, work and exercise. And the Wellness Score shows the mind-body impact of daily habits like hydration, sleep, mindfulness and activity. Cycle, which interconnects all three categories, monitors the menstrual cycle, mood fluctuations, symptoms and postpartum.

“Ivy guided me into my new routine,” Kayla Stanley, Bellabeat customer, said. “As a new mom who underwent physical and mental changes after giving birth, I was in a strange place. My energy was depleted, I was battling postpartum depression, and I had no idea where to start on my journey towards this new life that was ahead of me.

“With Ivy, I began to track my sleep, water intake and my body’s response to workouts,” Stanley added. “Bellabeat developed Ivy with my needs in mind and being able to track my cycle and symptoms helped take my understanding of my body to a whole new level. I now have all the tools to be a new me for my son and myself. And women everywhere need to hear about Ivy because it could help save them, too.”

Ivy fastens to the wrist in jewelry style and comes in four unique designs: Blush Rose Gold, Blush Silver, Garden Rose Gold and Garden Jet Black. Its features include splash resistance, an interchangeable strap, a lightweight build and rechargeable battery.

“Bigger is better in today’s tech climate, and we’ve challenged the status quo by developing Ivy to be as minimalist as possible without compromising style and functionalities,” Sandro Mur, Bellabeat founder, said. “Ivy is a work of art that represents the core values of our Bellabeat brand. And I’m proud as a man to contribute to an expanding line of products that support and empower women on their lifestyle journeys.”

Each Ivy purchase unlocks a six-month complimentary premium membership to Bellabeat’s tools and personalized wellness coaching for extended support. And the Bellabeat website is home to an extensive library of tips, advice and information to support and empower women on the best and worst days of their lifestyle journeys.


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